Dress up, have fun and elevate your style with light, feminine and elegant gemstones.

Carré Jewellery

Indulge on a journey into the world of gemstones. A full sweeping vision of precious stones kissed by fine metals.

Find your next favourite piece in our selection of Carré Jewellery.


Is it the gold kissing stone? Or the depth in the moving structure of the gem? Possibly both. Possibly the divine selection of gemstones, in its natural delicacy, intertwined with fine 18kt golplated sterling silver.

Loving Jewellery makes it impossible to oversee Carrés’ legacy.

CARRÉ JEWELLERY – About the Designer

Founded in 1991 by Shiri Haugbøl, it stands for timeless design and long-lasting quality since then. 


Siri is half Danish/half Israelian. The dream behind the brand, was to be able to invite everyone into the world of gemstones as she experiences it. About that Shiri says: “I love gems: the colours are such amazing gifts of nature. Alone, or even better, in combination, they create colourful magic by enhancing and bringing out each other’s shades. This is what I love most about jewellery making.”


Due to its heritage of 30 years and its classic while recognisable design, the brands name is well known beyond Scandinavia and placed itself into the hearts around the world.


Our favourite combination is a soft, touching evening gown, hair up and hanging gemstones on both ears. Or a lavender coloured blouse, hair open, casual trousers, fine silver surrounding naked skin.

It is the excitement of beauty, we feel and share. It is a summer flirt shaped in silver or gold. A never-ending love story placed on natural moving stone.